February 01, 2009

Soap Or Facial Cleanser Cream, What is Best?

Soap Or Facial Cleanser Cream, What is Best?

You know how important is to take care of your skin every day by using creams, moisturizers, lotions and other skin care products that will enhance your facial appearance. However there is a lot of people that sill use soap to clean their face without knowing the damage they are making to their skin.

A facial Cleanser cream is highly recommended if you want to keep your skin clean and smooth, the problem with soaps is that the contain substances that are harmful for your skin such as fragrances, deodorants, detergents and chemicals.

Those chemicals and harsh substances dry your skin after a few uses. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles so you should be careful not to use soaps that may hurt your skin.

Also soaps contain more alkaline and high PH, products with alkaline are more irritable for your skin. The solution is to use a good facial cleanser cream.

But dont run to buy the first facial cleanser that you see, not all facial creams are created equal in fact some may even be as harmful or worst than a soap for your skin.

You should only buy facial cleanser creams that do not contain harsh chemicals like alcohols and parabens. Most creams are made with cheap chemicals and hard substances that are not safe for sensitive skin.

The best facial cleansers should contain only natural ingredients like kelp, keratin, CynergyTk, honey, Coenzyme, plant extracts, herbs and other natural sources.

You facial cream should pull out impurities and absorb oils without drying your skin. Dont buy a brand name cream just because is popular usually the best brands dont advertise heavily on TV and magazines, they invest most of their money on research and development.

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